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Treasure Hunt is definitely my favorite so far. It makes me feel so good inside and at the same time so sweet. You write so beautifully and I want to give you the highest of praises!! Um. There is something I need to ask though. I’ve never actually pleasured myself and am afraid to do so. I’ve only ever felt aroused through reading. I guess I just feel shy to do so and never really knew the basics. What do you think about it? Have a nice day!!

I think that sounds perfectly reasonable.

According to the most recent studies, 97% of men and 80% of women have masturbated at some point in their lives. That means anyone who hasn’t pleasured themselves is likely to be in the minority, but not freakishly unusual. 

There are many good reasons for not masturbating, some will refrain due to religious or cultural beliefs. A big factor is often privacy, especially those in small, crowded households where bedrooms are shared. Some just haven’t found what they really find arousing yet, and that’s perfectly natural too. Everyone is aroused by different things, some have very particular fetishes and fantasies. That’s what makes human sexuality so varied and fascinating.

So, take your time as you explore not only the full surface area of your own body, but also the fantasy worlds conjured by your own imagination.

You, and your desires, are unique.

And that is something to be cherished.

Treasure Hunt


A bedtime story for those who still love to play

She’d been so close!
Agonisingly close!
She’d frantically scrambled around the utility room as the buzzing between her legs rose to a dizzying crescendo. Trying to retain her composure, to resist the temptation to sink to her knees and let the delicious wave of pleasure wash over her. All the while, he stood behind her holding the magic wand, chuckling at her slapstick search, gleefully reminding her that her time was almost up.

Moments later, the bell rang – and the vibrations between her legs abruptly stopped.
She squealed, emptying her lungs in frustration.
She had lost again. And that meant another visit to the spanking chair.
Rules were rules.

By tradition, the first Friday night of each month was Treasure Hunt night. The game had evolved over all the years they’d been together, and would now undoubtedly shock their friends with its brazen kinkiness and erotic inventiveness.

The objective of the game was simple. An object would be hidden somewhere in the house, and the seeker had six minutes to find it, all the while being shepherded by the devilishly distracting sensations of the remote control vibrator…

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Next in the alphabetical retrospective of past stories is Treasure Hunt.

The previous post served as an appropriate prelude, as the central theme of this story is playfulness, the switch couple have invented their own little naughty game, with the winner taking charge for a night, in what has become a series of increasingly outrageous sex games.

This will be a familiar theme if you’ve my posts on the naughty well-behaved, and the secret of sexual spontaneity.

Fundamentally, this is a story about building your own sexual reality. It is a quest to discover what really turns your partner on, because really, that’s the greatest aphrodisiac of all.

But the very best sexual experiences often involve activities experienced for the very first time. Sometimes we don’t really know what we desire, and are reluctant to spell out what we want. And there is great pleasure in being surprised. That’s only possible inside a strong partnership, committed to continuing exploration and experimentation.

Those discoveries are the true Treasure.

And they’re well worth the Hunt.

The Alchemy of Anxiety

An anonymous reader writes:

This may be a bit odd, but I’m writing out of hope to gain some courage.

I’m in the midst of writing my physics dissertation and I’ve never cared so much about any work in my life. Doing the work taught me many things about my own capacity for intellectual heartbreak and triumph in equal measure. I am… proud of the work that I’ve done, yet deeply insecure about it, and perhaps above all, mortified by the thought of submitting it to the red ink of my advisor.

He’s been largely in the background for most of this process, but over all kind and patient, if blunt. Until very recently I didn’t understand that I could be so passionate about my work, and I’ll admit that I at first confused my own newfound perfectionism with a desire to please an intimidating authority figure—or at least avoid another serious talking to like the one he gave me early on in my work.

I introspected a lot about my authority issues (many), and tried to consider as objectively as possible that he might have a point, and decided to swallow my pride and keep trying. I am now glad that I did, I think. But I’m also apprehensive. I trust that he has my best interests in mind and doesn’t think badly of me, but I am deeply sensitive to criticism. And I know that criticism is both inevitable and, if given in good faith, vital for growth.

You may be wondering why I’m writing this to a spanking blog, although I wouldn’t be surprised if you understood completely: from reading your stories, I know that you’re deeply aware of the eroticism that may be found in the relationship between teacher and student, as well as in the learning process itself. It’s the lustful part of my brain, disconnected from reality, that wonders breathlessly what submitting to a different sort of humbling experience would be like: one experienced naked, across his lap.

I am eroticising a difficult experience to cope with it; the fantasy of accepting physical discipline from someone I respect and find attractive turns me on, while knowing that I must open myself up to criticism of my work terrifies me. Even so, I have now done a difficult thing by offering you my writing, my obvious kink for authority, and the knowledge that I’m a very naughty girl indeed, to be touching myself to the thought of a sound spanking from my mentor. Perhaps now, it may be easier to do the most difficult thing…

Thank you dear reader, for putting into words something that I expect many other readers of this blog will have felt themselves. It is common to eroticise difficult, awkward and embarrassing situations.

And this reveals a deeper truth:

Anxiety and fear are two separate emotions.

Some might think they’re the same, that anxiety is just a milder form of fear, but they’re not.

Anxiety originates from desire.

Fear originates from danger.

People eroticise situations that might otherwise be socially or physically painful. That’s why the most common sexual fantasies feature authority, punishment, nudity and humiliation. By fantasising about shame, we can take control it, like lightning in a bottle – and channel that powerful psychological energy into our minds’ pleasure centres instead. Safely, in the privacy of the bedroom.

If fear had the same psychological basis, the most common sexual fantasies would involve heights, snakes and creepy-crawlies. But they don’t. Fear is a primal response, a self-protection mechanism that’s billions of years old. It exists to keep us safe, from perils that could be lethal.

But anxieties arise from our wants: our desire to be liked, to be accepted, to be pretty, to be successful. All factors that might lead to us being considered socially and sexually attractive.

Those who consider authority figures erotic often fantasise about impressing them. They crave their attention, they want to be told they’re the cleverest, the most brilliant, or best-behaved.

That’s probably why the schoolgirl scenario is so popular, a chance to replay and eroticise your own memories. To imagine what it would be like if that teacher you had a crush on really was as strict as they were in your dreams. Your aversion to failure demands that even imaginary rule-breaking must have consequences. And for many, that means a good hard spanking on the bare bottom.

Many misinterpret the powerful urges of their own sexuality as
something bad, deviant or filthy. But in reality, your sexuality is a mental resource, as much an asset as your creativity, insight or concentration. The best erotic mentors are not motivated by their own gratification, but by a desire to teach others how to understand their own superpowers.

Your sexual energy is a fire, a means to transmute anxiety into pleasure. In a very personal act of alchemy…

I LOVE a good spanking. It resets me, it gets me excited, it does it all for me. But now I’m afraid to ask for it. My EX… He spanked me so hard that I was bruised and even had a bit of torn skin for -weeks and weeks- my hands were bound, I couldn’t do anything. I got no aftercare, I showered alone and went to bed without a word. It was traumatising. I want to overcome this fear. I just don’t know how.

I am very sorry to hear you suffered such brutal abuse, and that this wretched experience has tainted an aspect of your sexuality that is obviously so important to you.

But your trauma was caused by an abusive partner, not your love of spanking.
All those who suffer sexual assault have a right to regain sexual pleasure.

Mental wounds heal slowly, so it’s fine to take your time. I assume you began reading this blog because of the stories, and I hope these provide a safe space to reconnect with your spanking desires.

Allow yourself to fall in love with your spanking fantasies again, and remind yourself just how good a spanking can feel. The Beginners Guide to Self-spanking might provide a helpful sequence of activities to experiment with the sensations of smacking and the emotional reactions they provoke. Try journaling, and writing down what you experience, it can be a private diary.

Once you re-establish your comfort and confidence, you should be ready to think about spanking play with another partner. You need to be able to trust them, and they need to respect your safe word limits. Just start slowly and build up to the intensity you crave.

Best wishes, and I hope you enjoy your journey back to the wonderful world of spanking…

Always Be Questioning


Once upon a time, you couldn’t stop asking questions.

Why is the sky blue? Why does this float and that sink? What do plants eat? How deep is the sea? Where does the sun go at night? The world was full of wonders, and there was a time we couldn’t wait to uncover its secrets. We were a curiosity cannon, unleashing a relentless barrage of hows, whys and whats.

And then, something changed. We started to become aware of the judgement of others. We stopped asking questions, beginning to worry more about what others would think of us. That our questions would actually reveal our own inner ignorance – that if we asked questions, others would think we were stupid.

But the truth is, the smartest folks I know are the ones who ask the most questions. And they’re often the simplest of questions too. Can you explain this to me? Why is this happening? Who benefits? What should we do?

Such people are smart because they’ve kept alive that youthful spirit of inquisitiveness. They just don’t care what others think. They’re too busy creating their own world, getting answers to the issues that matter to them.

Questions aren’t a sign of ignorance, but of insight. They’re a recognition that there’s a gap in our knowledge – and an opportunity to fill it.

Who hasn’t experienced sitting in a classroom where at the end of a lecture the teacher or speaker opens themselves to questions – only to be greeted with silence. Did everyone really understand it so perfectly?

To receive, we must ask, and raise our hands to request the information we need. Otherwise our destinies will be dictated to us, and you’ll find yourself living in a world shaped by the answers to other peoples’ questions.

As boosting sexual confidence has been a theme of this blog recently, throughout February I’m going to encourage you to ask more questions. And not just to me, try asking a question of anyone you follow and admire. If it’s very personal, you can ask anonymously and protect your privacy.

So, how can I help?

How would you deal with a partner (female) who is constantly misbehaving and not doing as told. I tried to tell them that there would be consequences and I’d spank her but she just doesn’t listen and when I try to punish her she just keeps squirming to the point where I can’t do anything

First, you must understand that her brattiness is part of the game, and not a problem to be fixed.

Most people are very well-behaved: they spend their whole lives being polite, respectful and courteous. But when they’re in private, with their most intimate acquaintances, they want to express a different side of themselves.

They want to be transgressive, they want to challenge the rules they’ve spent their entire lives studiously obeying. They want to push the boundaries, knowing full well there might be painful consequences beyond.

That’s why spanking is such a popular fetish. In my experience intelligent, ordinarily well-behaved ladies love fantasising about being naughty for once, and the prospect of someone strict holding them to account makes their panties wet.

Perhaps your partner likes to struggle, talk to her about what she desires. Perhaps she fantasises about being tied up, and being rendered helpless. Or for someone strict to see through her bratty little games and properly take control of her chaotic mind.

Likewise, if she’s struggling because she actually doens’t like being spanked. Then stop. Just because you’re sexually dominant does not earn you any special privileges. Her preferences are just as valid as yours.

Always remember that kinky sex is just adult play. It is not forcing your desires on your partner, it’s about transforming another human being’s deepest desires into something that brings pleasure to you both.

Understand her, and align with what she needs.

Play your role.

Be strict.

And be the authority she secretly craves.

Freedom From

“There is more than one kind of freedom,“ said Aunt Lydia.

"Freedom to and freedom from.”

“In the days of anarchy, it was freedom to.”

”Now you are being given freedom from. Don’t underrate it.”
 ― Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale

It seems bizarre, almost illogical.

Surely freedom of choice is a liberty to be cherished, why would one ever choose to give up such a precious right? What possible argument could there be against it?

Yet some think your freedom of sexual expression is dangerous.

Filthy, deviant and corrupting.

That your interests are digusting and shameful.

Politicians and internet companies have begun to suppress content they have unilaterally declared unsuitable. But subtly, of course. Your loss of freedom to is presented as being for your protection. For your own good. As we continue to be watched over by machines of loving grace.

Perhaps you really will be safer in the Disneyesque walled garden, less likely to be offended, or harrassed. After all, in Margaret Atwood’s brilliant parable, red-gowned maids can walk the streets in assured safety, precious assets protected by the threat of savage reprisals. Such societies have existed before, and will exist again. Is that a Faustian bargain you’d be prepared to make?

society is not as free thinking as it likes to think it is. For many internet companies, you can think what you like, as long as it comes from menu of approved, unthreatening, monetisable thoughts.

Why are those who run the digital forums on which we congregate so prudish? Why is sexuality considered so
negative, so harmful, that it needs to be suppressed and hidden?

The censorship recently announced by Tumblr, and already pursued by
other social networks like Facebook, is merely a symptom of a wider
trend. A tendency towards control, towards moral conservatism.
Free-thinkers built the internet, but perhaps we became complacent.

Politics is an expression of morality and ethics, the kind of society we build and the behaviour we tolerate. Perhaps the lifting of sexual taboos is a step too far for many, they fear the consequences of open sexual relationships and the erosion of the fairytale nuclear family.

Remember that in that other great dystopian novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, the Junior Anti-Sex League, pushed the Party doctrine that sexual intercourse was dangerous, and should be banned.

Over 250 years ago, Benjamin Franklin gave his counsel on the matter, in one of his most famous aphorisms:

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

Franklin grew up in a world shaped by Puritan Christianity. For him, the philosophy of Aunt Lydia wasn’t an abstract possibility, the Salem Witch Trails were still in living memory. Thinking too differently, especially if you were gay or promiscuous, might lead to the noose.

Such intolerance may seem like ancient history, but a new authoritarian populism driven by moral conservatism is rising, and its agenda is freedom from. Be in no doubt, it is the precusor to fascism. The only difference is fascists enforce the rules with physical violence.

It Can’t Happen Here, we like to tell ourselves. Until somehow, it does.

It might seem like an over-reaction, but I never took the Culture War seriously until 2016. Now I wonder how I ever could have been so blind.

The censorship of sexuality might sound trivial compared with the big global challenges humanity currently faces, but as British lawyer Myles Jackman put it: “pornography is the canary in the coalmine of free speech“. It is symptomatic of a desire to monitor, intervene and control. Be aware of it, it doesn’t take long for today’s principles to be enshrined as tomorrow’s policies.

So before Tumblr drains the colour from our community, and drives away the members who made it so vibrant, here’s a few thoughts to ponder. A few principles to uphold and argue for, wherever you go next

I believe sexual expression is healthy, not deviant.

I believe in freedom of choice, of expression, and thought.

I believe the flame of free-thinking must be kept alight.

I believe in freedom to.

Spanking Advent – Day 5

This advent calendar is turning into a valedictory address, a chance to revisit some of my favourite posts, and remember the kind of posts that once made this community so great.

Hi, I love your blog and I enjoyed your last post about sexual confidence… I have an incredible shame of my kinks, to the point I cry when thinking about them and can’t talk about them at all. I’ve even troubles confessing them to myself. Once I found a girl with the same interests and confessed my kinks to her, but now our friendship is not sane anymore and I’m afraid to end it because she knows my secret… do you have any suggestions? I’m desperate. Thanks in advance


I’m very sorry to hear that your kinky side is currently bringing you such sorrow, rather than joy.

But you are certainly not alone. All across the world there are people whose upbringing and social taboos have made them deeply ashamed of who they are, and how they feel.

What you’re experiencing now is no different to what generations of gay people  felt before coming out. That crushing sense of shame, a feeling of somehow being all wrong. Human beings are social animals, in the past, being cast out from the tribe could have been a lethal consequence of not fitting in. So we’re mentally wired to feel a deep unease when we don’t conform.

Being kinky, like being gay, is simply a sexual preference – albeit one that goes against the mainstream hetero-normal view of what sex “should be”. 

In 2017, no right-minded person would think of shaming someone for being gay. Society is more accepting of different sexual preferences now. Your challenge is to become more accepting of yourself – to build up your own esteem, to come to understand that your kinks make you unique and deeply interesting, not weird and dirty.

Please don’t develop an anxiety about people “knowing your secret”. I know people can be malicious, and sometimes what’s said or done in the bedroom can be used to bully and humiliate. But as I wrote in the post on sexual confidence, it’s an important life skill to learn to dismiss shamers and bullies.

“It’s a grown-up thing, man. You wouldn’t understand…”

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Here’s a message worth repeating, for all those embarrassed and ashamed of what turns them on.

Many misinterpret the powerful erotic feelings of their sexuality as something bad, deviant or filthy. But really, eroticism is a thrilling energy. One of the most powerful creative urges you possess.

Your fantasies are a gift. Embrace them, harness them, enjoy them.

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