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Do you ever message naughty girls privately who need spanking advice?

Private messages are a much better medium for ensuring naughty girls get the discipline they need.

And I’m always happy to help those who knock on my study door.

I want my boyfriend to commit to spanking me but it always seems like it’s a burden to him or he rushes it. How do I get him to be more “serious” about it?

I’m going to let you into a closely guarded secret.

The secret of sexual spontaneity…

… is careful planning.

You need to tell your boyfriend how much spanking means to you. If he doesn’t consider spanking to be an erotic act, of course he’s going to rush through it, because that means he gets to what he considers the sexy bits sooner.

So even if you do ask to be spanked harder, or for longer, he’s not really going to understand why. That’s why he seems so half-hearted. What’s more, some men can actually be very uncomfortable spanking their partners, and need reassurance that they’re not doing it wrong.

So, don’t leave things to chance. Plan your own spanking. Lure him into it. Seduce him. Ask him to write down five things that turn him on, and then work out a way to combine a spanking with each.

Perhaps you’ll be spanked after being “caught” masturbating.

Or spanked between thrusts as he slides into your bottom.

Or spanked as you straddle his chest and take his cock in your mouth.

Engage your imaginations, and he’ll soon realise what we already know.

Spanking is the sexy bit too…

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