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This is an absolutely wonderful piece on creative writing and cultural freedom by Laurie Penny.

It touches on several themes I strongly believe in, the importance of exercising one’s own imagination, and conjuring up your own worlds. That the aim of an author should not be to pontificate, but to inspire, and create a magic garden for their readers’ minds to play in.

Like many Tumblr writers, Laurie also started by writing fan-fiction. Unfairly maligned by those who seek to privatise culture, fanfic is the on-ramp for the novelists and screenwriters of tomorrow. A medium that provides opportunities to weave new stories in with familiar characters and ready-made settings.

I loved her observation that the “history of communications technology [has] always been a history of
bloody squabbles over who was allowed to write and read the official
story of human destiny and human desire.”

Do not cede your right to tell your own stories. Resist those who say culture should be a set menu from which you have to choose, however bland and unappetising the choices may be.

I strongly believe that creativity should be inclusive. Art needs its fans, its audience, its remixers and believers. And now, as we move from the era of two hour movies to episodic story-telling, there will be ever greater potential to create new worlds, and opportunities to populate with them with myriad new tales. Tales that can appeal to every minority…

… tales you don’t have to ask for permission to tell.

We Can Be Heroes: How the Nerds Are Reinventing Pop Culture

Origin Story

I started this blog because I’d written some spanking stories for the private amusement of myself and some play partners long ago. I had greatly enjoyed creating them, and it had seemed a shame to keep them to myself. After all, stories die without readers to imagine them. 

So I created this blog, originally as a place to post erotic screenplays that could be rendered in the strange distant theatre that dwelt between each faraway strangers’ ears.

And then, in free moments and dark nights, I began writing new ones.

Over time, the stories began to grow in length, and develop in style, complexity and sophistication. Readers began to follow me, and share what I’d scribbled. Some even wrote back, to tell me how much joy the stories had brought them.

And given these are erotic stories, it does not require much imagination to realise what kind of joy was being experienced. An intense, gasp-inducing, physical form of joy. Over the years, these stories must have inspired tens of thousands of orgasms, a realisation that brings me considerable satisfaction.

Yet as life has got busier in recent years, my opportunities for writing have diminished. But when I do write, I still get the same buzz of I’ve always done, the visceral thrill of conjuring new worlds, of summoning new fantasies, of spinning words and sexuality into an evocative golden braid.

So, to all those who’ve supported and encouraged my writing with over the years, I hope you know I consider you the most wonderful souls. To those who’ve inevitably drifted away, know that I miss your voices, and hope your lives are filled with happiness. And that also you’re getting your bare bottoms spanked on a regular basis.

And to those who return to reread the contents of this illicit little library, I shall always be honoured and humbled by your presence.

Your joy is my joy, and you’ve made me very happy indeed.

Are you ever going to write anything new?

Yes, I am.

My notebook is filled to bursting with literally hundreds of story ideas and early drafts. Unfortunately real world commitments have meant I haven’t been able to devote as much time to writing recently.

Although I have still posted some shorter stories, such as the Interactive Discipline series.

And I know many readers of this blog won’t even have read all the stories I’ve already posted, hence the ongoing retrospective of past stories.

So don’t worry, I still have many more stories to tell.

In the meantime, perhaps you’ll enjoy exploring the archive, there’s over 900 posts, with all sorts of treats to discover…

Grimoire may well be the most perfect story I have ever read. As a lifelong bibliophile, the bookstore description is wonderfully evocative. I love the sequence of imagined punishments for stealing the book. It’s far more enticing to let the reader imagine all the possibilities. The entire concept invites the reader to imagine more stories written in the grimoire. Thank you for sharing this fabulous and tantalizing story.

How wonderful. You’ve made this writer glow.

Although Grimoire isn’t one of my most popular stories, it is one of my personal favourites. In fact, I feel it’s one of the best I’ve ever written. Dark and euphoric, surreal and psychological, its themes are everything I’d always wanted to read in an erotic story, but so rarely found. So it’s a genuine joy to hear it bringing such pleasure to the imaginations of others.

I hope others will stumble across Grimoire, hidden unassumingly somewhere on the dusty shelves – just waiting to be discovered…

I just finished part four of the Sit Down Dance, and I’m utterly, incoherently aroused. Thank you for writing such a beautiful piece of erotica, you’re incredibly skilled at erotic writing and I can’t wait for your future updates.

My pleasure! It was very satisfying to be able to convert the story I’d had
planned in my head (and sketched out in my notebook) for so long, and finally render it into written
words. And best of all, to share it with others at last.

You’ll be pleased to know my next story is already nearing completion, it’s a realisation of an idea I’ve wanted to write for ages.

The subject matter is agalmatophilia.

I think it’ll expand your mind. I think you’ll enjoy it…

A Price on Everything

The brilliant Oscar Wilde once wrote that a cynic was “… a man who knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing.“

If he could see our modern world, he would think we live in a very cynical age.

If we try to put a price on everything, we destroy the whimsical and sentimental cultural pleasures that enrich us all.

Tumblr faces this existential dilemma, and is currently trying to monetise its community of users. Millions who exchange what they enjoy for free, because sharing is the very essence of a shared culture.

I give away my work, because I consider conjuring an intimate image in a
faraway stranger’s imagination a tremendous privilege. One I value far
more than any coins you could place in my palm.

Like many content creators (and we are few), I write for the thrill of story-telling.

Were I to keep my stories to myself, I’d be like a library
without an entrance. My stories remaining locked away within my mind.
Slowly fading, until they’re gone forever.

what an age of wonder we inhabit. One where our words can effortlessly
travel across our planet, falling into the eyes of myriad readers,
conjuring into being unique new worlds in each receptive imagination, as
if by magic. That capability alone is extraordinary enough. So I
give away my work because participating in this sorcery is its own

And, I
write of intimate things. Shadow themes most of us would prefer to keep
private. By not demanding payment, readers are free to explore my
worlds in privacy, without announcing their most personal inclinations
to the internet’s sinister monetisation engines.

So consider what I write my gift. From my imagination, to yours.

But with the future of kinky blogs on Tumblr now uncertain, and long-standing cherished spanking blogs sadly fading away, I believe the value of a sharing culture is more important than ever. And one worth celebrating.

You might not appreciate it until it’s gone for good.

How to create characters in erotic stories


Image: Smiling Girl, a Courtesan, holding an obscene image, by Gerard van Honthorst, 1625. [Source]

Who is she?

Why not take a moment, see if you can conjure her in your mind. What’s her name, what’s her story?

Creating characters is a fundamental task for every story-teller. Memorable,  well-drawn characters are evocative, they help build stories readers care about, populated by individuals they want to imagine. In short, they help bring stories to life.

But being able to dream up engaging characters isn’t just a useful skill for writers, it’s also something that can enrich our  play in the bedroom (and for the adventurous, play outside the bedroom too).

Take, for instance, the lady painted by van Honthorst above. Smiling, vivacious, elegantly dressed. Who is she? Our fascination builds. Our minds seeking clues, as we attempt to render this 400 year-old image, seeking to turn paint into personality. How long did it take you to notice what she was holding? Did it surprise you? Does its presence change your own mental portrait of this young woman?

As it happens, this is the portrait of a prostitute. The image she holds has the inscription, “Wie kent mijn naers van afteren” or “Who can tell my backside from behind?”. It was not unusual for upmarket sex workers to have likenesses painted of themselves, so they could advertise their availability.

Great art challenges us, it surprises and delights us.

And so we cherish stories that can create something unexpected in our minds. The best  feel like they’re introducing us to newcomers, each with their own secrets and hidden depths.

But how do you create new characters? Where do these make-believe individuals spring from?

A while back, I posted a story entitled Cosmopolitan, at the heart of which was an erotic roleplaying weekend. Later, I decided to ask you, my readers, a provocative question:

If you attended a roleplaying weekend, what character would you choose to play?

The schoolgirl fantasy is one of the most popular amongst spanking aficionados, but I wanted respondents to be more specific. What kind of schoolgirl would they play? Would they choose a naughty character or an angelic one? Would they seek to dominate others or hide in the shadows?

In short, what were the archetypal characters? And how to go about choosing them?

I decided to use two belief spectra, attitudes that vary between individuals. The first will be familiar to those of a kinky disposition: Dominance and Submission. Put crudely, dominant individuals enjoy exerting their power, whilst submissive individuals enjoy following rules and having their boundaries challenged.

The second spectrum was Order and Chaos: where believers in order would respect and uphold social conventions and the expected rules of behaviour, whilst those who advocated chaos would get a thrill from acts of mischief, outrage and subversion.

This application of personality types is actually a useful tip for writers. In my stories I often plot different beliefs, traits and their opposites to help generate contrasting and varied characters. Putting the combinations together, we get 4 different categories, as shown in the quadrants below:


I subsequently refined each of these categories further, to create two or three characters for each, (I could easily have imagined more). This stage involved interpreting what each grouping actually represented. For instance, who might a seducer actually be? It might be a young woman who was  attracted to her classmates, or boys, or even older authority figures.

Now we have a whole cast of different characters. Let’s meet them, shall we?

The Seducers

The Seducers are dominant, self-confident individuals who enjoy disrupting social conventions.

One of these, The Siren, was to prove the most popular choice, with over a quarter of all votes cast. It seems many readers identify with the sassy, precocious nymphet. Perhaps this is not surprising, after all, who wouldn’t want to don a mask that bestowed allure and limitless sexual confidence? Especially one that stopped you caring about what others thought of your sexual self.

A similar character, The Seductress, also proved very popular. Unlike the Siren, her erotic interest is in her peers rather than authority figures. If you were so inclined, I imagine one could make quite a lot of intimate acquaintances during a long roleplaying weekend.

The Troublemakers

This group represents those who want to wilfully break the rules and have fun, the mavericks many secretly wish they could be.

The Minx proved a popular choice for many. For her, being at school is opportunity to play pranks and get up to mischief. She knows getting caught means a sore bottom, but she secretly quite likes having her panties pulled down, so it’s a price she’s happy to pay.

A subtly different character is The Thief, agile and quick-witted, her chaos is more considered: she loves to plan and pull off daring heists. It’s even better if she can pin the blame on some poor innocent victim, and watch their bottom being warmed instead of hers.

The third kind of trouble-maker is The Provocateur. She loves everything about spankings, and relishes getting herself and others into trouble. It’s even better when her mischief results in everyone having their bottom whacked.

The Watchers

This category comprises discreet individuals  those who aren’t quite bold enough to seduce or subvert.

Many readers identified with the Wallflower, whose preference is to sit back and watch the punishments of others. What if you could do that in real-life rather than vicariously through the internet? Many of you would like to watch it seems.

Another character who likes to observe is the Teacher’s Pet, but her observations are motivated more by a sense of duty, a desire to curry favour with those in authority, and see that good order is maintained. Many said they’d like to be Teacher’s eyes and ears, perhaps because you were always such good little girls at school, or maybe because the reward for telling tales is getting to witness the naughty getting their bottoms smacked.

The Royalty

I used Royalty to refer to two kinds of dominant individuals, those at the top of the social tree, who expect to be respected.

One of these is the Princess, who likes to use her femininity and grace to get away with some rather bratty behaviour. A Princess considers herself above spankings, but she may well find during a weekend away that she finally gets her long overdue lesson in humility, one delivered with her skirt up and panties down.

The Domina is a quite different individual. She uses her authority more proactively, to ensure the obedience of others. Around her, others do what they’re told, often erotic, humiliating things, all for her personal satisfaction. Perhaps reflecting that more readers of this blog have a submissive rather than dominant preference, only 4% of respondents said they’d play a domme.

Hopefully these examples have demonstrated that the next time you’re writing (or roleplaying) a teacher-student scene, your characters can be much subtler than just the clichéd ‘naughty’ schoolgirl. Think of their personalities, elaborate their motivations, and your stories (and playtimes) will be much richer experiences.

The Results

Finally, back to the original question. With these nine characters as the choices, I asked my readers which they’d choose if they could go away on a roleplaying weekend. More than 120 replied, and here are the results…


So, if you did go away and become a schoolgirl for a weekend, what might you expect? Applying the results to a representative classroom of 20 ladies, you’d enter an atmosphere of smouldering sexual tension, with 5 sirens and 3 seductresses. There would also be considerable mischief in the air, with 4 minxes, a thief and a provocateur lurking, each just waiting for the right opportunity to sow chaos and suspicion.

Not everyone is intent on causing trouble though, sitting quietly at the back of the class will be 3 wallflowers, and at the front, someone who wants to be the Teacher’s Pet. There’d also be a single princess, already considering herself to be the top girl of the class, and a domina, who knows she’s top girl. You could have a lot of fun being the only domme in a dormitory of submissive and adventurous girls.

And all this might leave you with one more question… how come no-one runs weekends like this?

A Picture and 1000 Words

I’ve just posted something new, the first part of an experimental series that couples a digital image of my creation with an original short story of a thousand words.

They say a picture is worth 1000 words. But what story will the image paint in your mind? Perhaps you’ll imagine something very different to me. So if you enjoy writing, feel free to write up and post your interpretation, I’m sure many would love to read it too…

Leading Lady

Come be my leading lady

I’ve a one-off erotic drama

Improvised and unscripted

Created just for you

Don’t worry, I’ll direct things

No need to learn the words

Or justify your filthiness

I know what you can’t express

There’s no shame upon this stage

Turn your mind off, and just be

Nor any need for rolling cameras

My keen blue eyes see further

Than any lens of glass can see

Peering deep inside to glimpse

That secret side

You love to hide

Come star in my performance

I need only one

Be my focus of attention

Be the centre of the sun

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